• Lanna is a very experienced, intuitive and skilled practitioner. I've always felt very safe in her hands because she herself is very open with her struggles and I know whatever I express to her it resonates and meets authentic understanding. Her energy is super gentle and open and in the beginning it was honestly difficult to even take in that much presence. Full testimonial is here: audio testimonial on Youtube.

    Anika Senic Germany
  • I had a very positive and powerful completion process session with Lanna. Her ability to be completely present with you and her patience are such a gift! The process took some very unexpected turns and twists for me, but Lanna was completely prepared to help me navigate those waters. I can absolutely recommend her!

    Gwydion Blackrose Germany
  • Lannas presence felt very gentle and powerful at the same time. She also had a good sense for bringing me from thoughts back to my emotions. Her kind words during the sessions felt loving, amazing and honest. She also was very patient and made me feel accepted.

    Christoph Thcamnho Germany
  • Lanna was my practitioner in the past when I was going through a tough break up. I had many painful triggers come to the surface during that time and afterwards. Lanna always gave me her presence and I felt completely safe with her. I often come across a wall that does not allow me to go into the feeling but Lanna helped me get past the barrier so I could feel all of the emotion and heal that aspect of myself. She has a gift of being able to bring up emotions we have buried deep within ourselves and bring them to the light of our consciousness. I can’t recommend her highly enough and I am so grateful for all her help.

    Laura Stukas The UK
  • I have loved receiving kambo from Lanna. She is an amazing woman and holds space in a nurturing and supportive way. With every session we go deeper and I am inspired by her presence and her being. She has a great understanding of the medicine and I look forward to working with her more in the future.

    Emmy Feingold Australia
  • Lanna is an amazing and gifted healer. Her energy is calming and welcoming. Anyone who has trust issues can definitely trust her from the first minutes. She is able to guide you with compassion and acceptance without feeling that something needs to change in you Her experience has given her the capacity to accept whatever comes up and she is able to explore it with you with a deep knowing. I see Lanna as an angel in disguise.

    Lila Tzoli Greece
  • Lanna gave me such an open space to be exactly where I was, I had a profound experience re-claiming all parts of myself. And discovered in a session with her the true wisdom behind my deepest insecurities and shame. Lanna is a quiet power, she is the space that will allow you to unfold to the truth of who you are, all of it.

    Rowan Garlow The USA
  • So far I have had three CP sessions with Lanna – more to come! And this is from me, a person who is very introspective, I found falling into Lanna’s arms one of the easiest things to do with anyone – she is so responsive and caring. Lanna allows you the time and space to just be and she holds the space for you in the most caring and lightest of ways. It seems the most simple thing but yet is so refreshing. So from someone here, who holds space for others, it is so nice to see the actual effect. I would recommend Lanna to anyone who clicks through to her page – whether as a simple leap of faith or otherwise; you won’t be disappointed.

    Robert Clemens New Zealand
  • I have met Lanna in a complicated time of my life. I was suppressed by fears and addictions. Over the past 6 months she has worked with me. Building my confidence and helping me recover from past traumas. Today I am happy, addiction free and loving my life. I recently spent 2 weeks with Lanna, enrolled in her 2 week detox and kambo retreat. This was a life changing experience. Lanna stood by me as I faced my demons and she also gave me space when I needed it. I really would not be where I am today without her.

    Jess Tirosh Peru
  • Lanna has been an amazing Completion Process Practitioner for me, leading me through some of the most difficult moments I have ever experienced . She has made me feel completely comfortable to face my emotions through out the process. She has taught me how to care for my emotions and being new to this process has helped me lay a strong foundation to believe I can do this. Her softly spoken voice is so calming and gently spoken. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be able to work with her. I found it very helpful to know I had weekly sessions, dedicated time to be with myself. Which has encouraged me to carry on finding time for myself on a daily basis now which has changed my life.

    Laurie Hill The UK
  • I really loved working with Lanna. We had several session together and after each session I was looking forward for the next one; it was like I had a meeting with the LOVE itself. With her presence, which is exceptional, as well as her insights, care and support I was able not only to go through difficult emotions but, also to deal with different aspects of my personality without getting lost in the labyrinth of my psyche. Today, as a result of this experience, I live with increased sense of liberation and mental clarity which I am very grateful for. Thank you Lanna!

  • I really like working with Lanna as she is very insightful and has a warm and nurturing approach. I feel understood and validated by her. She has a calm, reassuring and non-judgemental manner which helped me to feel comfortable and safe during the sessions. I have found the processes that Lanna uses to be very powerful. They have helped me to uncover some of the unconscious forces that have been driving my life and causing painful situations for me. It feels very healing to be able to sit with my feelings and to have Lanna honour them. I’m very grateful to have been able to work with Lanna and I would recommend her to others.

    Rachel The UK
  • Lanna has been a significant source of comfort, kindness, openness and support along my journey. She has a warm, genuine, and authentic space about her that creates the conditions to be safe with her. She is not too fast and not to slow with jumping in to assist. I have always found her to be just right. I would describe her as a comforting friend or warm blanket.

    Sam Johnson The USA
  • I was interested in seeing Lanna because I had read the Completion Process book and wanted to be guided through it. I had a traumatic childhood and really wanted a nurturing, safe person to help me with the things that could come up during a session. With Lanna, I got that and more. She patiently showed me how to do the Completion Process by doing it with me/my inner parts. I loved having a package of sessions because I could count on if something triggered me between sessions, I knew we would make time to work with it. I have a new sense of ease and freedom in my life from practicing the Completion Process regularly with Lanna. This sense of ease has translated into me negotiating a wonderful new job with good pay and benefits. I work with people who respect my creativity and intelligence and care about me, which is entirely new and delightful.

    Dina The USA

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