In 3 years I went from:
-being constantly dissociated, anxious, depressed, suicidal and apathetic, having obsessive eating and working out habits, not able to express boundaries, feeling paralysed, spiritually bypassing, being controlling in all connections, blaming others for how I feel

and probably more….

-waking up excited about life on most days (and when I don’t, I know what to do to process the trigger/emotions that are coming up)
-looking forward to everything I have planned
-allowing for spontaneity with safe people
-working out when my body needs it and eating a well balanced diet (not binging or overeating)
-being able to hold space for my triggers and seek support & resolution
-communicating clearly
-feeling curious and venturing out more and more
-taking responsibility for my life, how I feel and regularly taking proactive steps to change what I don’t like
And more!

My mistakes:
I procrastinated a lot. I didn’t seek guidance when I needed it. I thought I can do this all by myself.

Now I guide people in processing traumas and finding their purpose and authentic lives through parts work, the completion process, embodiment practices, art and relationships. I have experience taking people deep into processing heavy emotions, past memories of trauma, integrating split aspects, releasing attachments and entities, receiving new imprints and learning new feeling signatures.

Typically, first thing I like addressing when you start working with me is safety. I will guide you through safe haven creation meditation and we will have a chance to process whatever comes up. If you’ve lived through any kind of violence I highly recommend looking into that. Also check out Teal’s video titled “Feeling signatures”.

I work with people of all ages and gender identifications, including teenagers of age 14 and older (with parental consent). You are welcome to book a free discovery call by contacting me at or through my calendar here: