I have been participating in various mastermind groups in recent years and led 3 mastermind groups for CP practitioners in 2019. I believe we will have a greater impact on shifting the consciousness of the world if we combine our efforts and focus on creating sustainable and successful businesses around the world that promote such amazing modalities as the CP and parts work.

The goal of this group is to create a safe and supportive environment to discuss challenges and receive advice when it comes to creating and running a successful coaching/healing business. We meet weekly in zoom for 90-120 minutes for a duration of 6 months.

I participated in a mastermind group that Lanna organised. Lanna was always well organised, on time and held a safe space for us. She is a very knowledgeable and supportive person and had many great tools and insights for our group. Her good eye for subconscious patterns, suppressed parts and limiting beliefs helped many of us to become more aware. I also find her videos and articles inspiring and admire how she is advocating for the Completion Process and other deep work to heal ourselves. Thank you for doing what you are doing. I am very grateful I have met you!

Tuuli Vantra, CPCP

Meetings look like this:
First half hour is spent doing an activity or practice to touch on subjects related to improving our businesses. For the rest of the call one of the participants receives a completion process or parts work session from me or other participant (if there are people who want to practice giving CP/parts work in group setting). Maximum number of members is 6 that each member receives a session during the cycle.

We have a group chat on FB messenger and a FB group for connection and accountability. In the chat we can share short messages about what progress we are making or asking for accountability. On FB group we can practice going live, share our blogs, challenges and longer shares. Note: FB group has participants of other cycles, however everyone has been trained by Teal Swan.

The next cycle starts on 22nd of March 2020. Please contact me through lake.lanna@gmail.com for more details and if you want to join (write “cpcp mastermind” in the email subject) or contact me on Facebook.

More testimonials:

Lanna is a great facilitator and an insightful and compassionate practitioner. During my work with her I was able to explore some areas of my life where I was feeling stagnant and stuck. Through her facilitation and guidance, I was able to connect the dots and gain clarity on how some of my coping mechanisms were sabotaging my progress.

Linda Feliciano, CPCP