After a session…

It used to be so typical for me to just get my shit together and get on with my day after therapy sessions or even after ceremonies. I would try to go back to getting things done as soon as possible. A few months ago I started taking a few hours (or even days in case of ceremonies) to be with myself, reflect and integrate the experience.

Blend a bunch of cilantro with water and lime, strain, add some of your favourite sweetener if you want. You can use mint or celery too!

If I had an intense session I might have a power nap first. I love naps! I really think we underestimate how well short naps can restore the energy levels. If I don’t feel like having a nap, I would prepare a cup of tea or my favourite drink for hydration. Processing emotions takes a lot out of our bodies and rehydrating really helps to balance the brain chemistry.

First, I take out my journal and write using automatic writing technique I learned from Artist’s way course. Writing everything that comes up has actually helped me to receive further insights after a session. It’s almost as if brain keeps making connections and getting aware of things and these insights bubble up to the surface, yet if I just go about my day they sort of go unnoticed or I brush them off. It’s so easy to miss important insights!

After that my writing turns into something more intentional and I answer these questions:

  • What did I learn?
  • What beliefs came up?
  • What proof do I have to dispel these beliefs?
  • How can I change my behaviour to apply new insights/knowledge practically? Are there any commitments to myself that I want to make?

After I’ve finished writing I turn to self care. As someone who still struggles to receive I have to be quite intentional about it and stay aware of when I am doing self care transactionally, meaning “oh I will do this nice thing for myself now so that I can perform better later” or “I will do this self care activity because it’s not only fun but also healthy and I will achieve something”. These are sneaky patterns! I want self care to be just that: care and nurture and fun, nothing else.

Here’s a little template if you want to print it out:

What are your favourite self care activities?