Kambo practitioner training

I learned about this sacred amazonian medicine through a blog I read about it and when I was reading it, I got this strong sensation in my stomach and chest. Sort of a pull of curiosity and excitement to learn more about this treatment. Only a few years later (in 2016) I had a chance to experience the medicine for the first time. Right there and then I knew how powerful it is. How it can help release emotional blocks in the body and process trauma. Especially combined with the completion process, a technique of creating presence and processing trauma, triggers or PTSD flashbacks.

Training participants on the last day

It took at least another year for me to be in stable enough position to be trained for something like a kambo practitioner. Not all of my parts were on board with it straight away. Eventually, I found the training that felt right on every level. Just reading about it made me feel calm and excited at the same time. A few days later I emailed the organiser and scheduled an interview. To my surprise, it went really well. I was really nervous, as I usually am if I am about to do something that means a lot to me. A few months later (in October 2018) it was time to pack my backpack and head out to the Peruvian jungle. I booked flights to Iquitos with a few days before and after the training to spare. I went to get all sorts of clothing that would be more suitable in the jungle. Easy dry shorts and shirts, travel towel, head torch and a lot of citronella against mosquitos.

On the boat to the training camp

We were trained in a small group of 9 people just a few kilometres up the Amazon river from the city of Iquitos. The location of the training was simply amazing! I was surprised to find out that there aren’t many mosquitos and it isn’t as hot and humid as I expected.

I met the most interesting people from all around the world: Ireland, USA, UK, Czech republic, and me from Kazakhstan. It may sound bizarre, but it did feel like I met myself for the first time (on a much deeper level) during this training.

Having discussions between training sessions

The training was 3 weeks long and each week was designated for a specific section of the training. In the first week we learned everything we could about the medicine, its application, contraindications, all sorts of theory that is available so far from the experience of the trainer Deyan, the tribe that is supporting this training and everyone else who shared their knowledge through books, studies and resources online. We were also receiving the medicine from Deyan and observed how he holds a ceremony many times. He explained each step of the process a few times and we had a chance to ask as many questions as we had.

Preparing to apply the medicine to Kimberly

In the second week we went into a dieta. This means sensory deprivation and stimulation restriction on every level: abstaining from sex, very simple diet, no informational intake (no reading or taking in of any other information) and silence for the most part. We were encouraged to write, meditate and observe ourselves and keep connecting with the spirit of the frog by receiving the medicine daily. We were also observing our dreams very closely, writing them down each morning in our journals.

In my opinion, this was the most valuable part of the training. Having no distractions and no possibility to indulge in coping mechanisms really propelled me towards meeting myself and getting to know myself on a deeper level. I got to meet many of my fears, I got to process many flashbacks and really get in touch with reality and what I really want.

During this week we were applying the medicine to ourselves and we were closely watched by Deyan and other participants of the training and received feedback daily.

Receiving the treatment from Joey

In the third week we closed the dieta by having a floral bath and coming back to the diet that isn’t so strict. During that week we were applying the kambo treatment to each other and were accessed by Deyan in a sort of “exam” after which he gave us final feedback and evaluation whether we are ready to serve the medicine outside the training. Most people passed the training, but some received a bit of homework to do. Again to my surprise, I was among those who passed. I was nervous during the “exam”, but it went really well.

Hanging out in the evening


  1. Melissa

    Hey Lanna,

    I am looking for a place to do a Kambo practitioner training. Can you give the name of the place where you received your training?

    All the best


    1. Lanna Lake

      Hi Melissa, I trained with kambonaturista.com 🙂

  2. daphnie

    Hello Lanna!

    I am also searching for the right place to become a Kambo Practitioner. I’ve been administering to myself for almost two years now, and was looking into the IAKP but have communicated with them several times and feel that their primary interest is money, which is a shame. How did you feel about Kambo Naturista, and could you email me privately? Thank you so much, and all the best wishes.


    1. Lanna Lake

      Hi Daphnie! Kambo Naturista was great, I like how thorough the training is, after it I really felt like there’s nothing else they could cover. I’ve been applying kambo to myself and clients since getting trained and feel confident. You can contact Deyan (the organiser of the training) and ask him more questions. Feel free to use contact form on the website here if you have more questions that you want to ask in private. Take care.

  3. Martin

    Hey Lanna, I really enjoyed the story of your journey! I will be traveling to Peru in May this year for my Rainforest training, also with Deyan. Do you have any useful tips for me?
    Thank you, Martin.

    1. Lanna Lake

      Hi Martin, I imagine your trip got postponed, I hope you can come later. Bring journals without lines to draw and sketch if you like that and colored pens/pencils. Also invest into a good water bottle and travel towels. Good luck!

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