Hapey ceremony

Hapey originates from the tribes in the jungle of Brazil. It is a blend of wild tobacco, herbs and ashes prepared in a ceremonial way. It is used for meditation or purge ceremony with different intentions. Example of such intentions: clarity, cleansing of aura, alignment and opening of chakras, grounding, releasing energetic cords or attachments, visual quest to find an answer for a specific question. In meditation ceremony a small amount of hapey is used and the blow isn’t strong, while in purge ceremonies considerably larger amount of hapey is used and the blow is stronger and longer. While any kind of hapey can be used for meditation, only some types are specifically prepared for purge ceremonies.

Setting the space is part of the ceremony. It is customary to cleanse the space using sage, palo santo and/or aqua florida. Some people like using music and crystals to create an environment of sacredness and set the mood. You can open the ceremony with a prayer and expression of gratitude for the medicine. Then as you quieten the mind in meditation, remember your intention for the ceremony. Why are you applying this sacred medicine today?

If you have never applied the medicine before ask someone who has experience working with it to show you. Breathe calmly through your nose, and then through your mouth after the medicine is applied. As the medicine starts getting absorbed through the capillaries in your nose it will burn and might cause slight disorientation. It’s ok to keep your eyes closed and keep your focus either on your intention, on your breath or on the area between the eyebrows (third eye). You can repeat a mantra of your choice if that feels right.

Let the medicine do its work, allow it, sit with it for as long as possible. When you are ready to blow your nose, you can do so with gratitude towards the medicine. Close the ceremony thanking your guides, spirits of jaguar, anaconda and condor, and the four elements. You can cleanse the space again and reflect about your experience, in writing or other form that feels right.

For the purge ceremony at least 6 hours of fasting is necessary prior to the start. You will drink 1-2 liters of water before the medicine is applied. It is advised to do purge ceremony with supervision of someone who is familiar with the medicine and has a first aid training. This type of ceremony will take up to 2 hours.