Contraindications to Kambo.

You are not a suitable candidate to receive kambo treatment, if you:

  • are on medication for low/high blood pressure
  • have a weak heart, after a stroke
  • had brain haemorrhage
  • had any brain damage
  • are not allowed (by your doctor) to exercise/hike/run
  • have blood clots
  • have any of the following conditions: aneurysm, Addison’s disease, esophageal varices, pankreatitis, really damaged liver, epilepsy,
  • are on immune suppressant for organ transplantation
  • have IUD (spiral for birth control as a result of the treatment your body may start rejecting it)
  • are recovering from a major surgical operation
  • undergoing chemo/radio therapy (can receive kambo treatment 3 months after finishing)
  • pregnant
  • under 18 years old

Special conditions:

  • if you have any allergies bring your epi pen to the treatment
  • if you are breastfeeding, pump enough milk for your baby to have for a day
  • if you have asthma, bring your inhaler
  • if you have diabetes, we will watch your blood sugar throughout the session