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Hi, I'm Lanna

I've been working as a trauma recovery coach since 2016 and have been honoured to be present for people processing stuck energies and emotions after physical, sexual and emotional abuse. My specialities are abandonment trauma, family dynamics, processing shame&grief and also diving back in time and processing womb and infancy trauma/imprints. I use various shamanic and awareness techniques for integrations of splits and shining light onto subconscious dynamics&patterns. I was trained with Teal Swan as the completion process practitioner in 2016 and also as Kambo practitioner in 2018.

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What My Brave Clients Say

  • Lanna has been an amazing Completion Process Practitioner for me, leading me through some of the most difficult moments I have ever experienced . She has made me feel completely comfortable to face my emotions through out the process. She has taught me how to care for my emotions and being new to this process has helped me lay a strong foundation to believe I can do this. Her softly spoken voice is so calming and gently spoken. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be able to work with her. I found it very helpful to know I had weekly sessions, dedicated time to be with myself. Which has encouraged me to carry on finding time for myself on a daily basis now which has changed my life.

    Laurie Hill The UK
  • Lanna has been a significant source of comfort, kindness, openness and support along my journey. She has a warm, genuine, and authentic space about her that creates the conditions to be safe with her. She is not too fast and not to slow with jumping in to assist. I have always found her to be just right. I would describe her as a comforting friend or warm blanket.

    Sam Johnson The USA

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