Lanna Lake - trauma recovery coach (Website under maintenance).

Hi bravest people on Earth <3

I am currently updating my website. I am doing everything by myself so it might take some time.

If you are a returning client and would like to book a session, go ahead to my online calendar here: (the calendar will take care of time difference and I'll receive your booking instantly).

If you are new to trauma recovery and would like to learn more you can use the same link to book a free introduction session. I am looking forward to meeting you and diving deep with you.

I've been working as a trauma recovery coach since 2016 and been lucky to be present for people processing stuck energies and emotions after physical, sexual and emotional abuse. My specialities are abandonment trauma, family dynamics, processing shame&grief and depression. I use various techniques for integrations of splits and brining awareness to subconscious dynamics&patterns. I was trained with Teal Swan as the completion process practitioner in 2016 and also as Kambo practitioner in 2018.

If you have any questions you are welcome to email me lake.lanna@gmail com. I have session packages available.

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See you soon!

Meanwhile you can follow me on instagram @lanna.lake